What we do

We make websites.

You really need 3 things to create a website: a domain name (like ajlmedia.co), a hosting provider where all your web files are stored, and a slick web design to showcase your great content. Let us handle all this for you so you can focus on what matters most — running your business!


We design user interfaces.

Every interactive screen that we touch — like our phones or tablets — requires thoughtful design. If it’s unclear how you’re supposed to interact with an interface (like an app, for example), it’ll undoubtedly turn you away, resulting in a poor user experience. From the colors you see on the screen to the sizes and types of fonts you see, all of these elements require careful consideration both in placement and utility. A great user interface skillfully incorporates all of these visual elements in a way that’s pleasing to the human eye. That makes for a great user experience!


We do branding too.

Coming up with a great name for a company is only the beginning. A brand that really stands out is one that shows personality and is relatable to the audience. Whether you're just starting out or are looking to rebrand, we'll ensure that your logo, company colors, and messaging all work together to tell your story.